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Alexander Wiethoff

Interaction designer, researcher and entrepreneur. I love to work in an interdisciplinary context with open minded people. I am passionate about prototyping and good food.

Amalienstraße 17
Room 101
80333 Munich / Germany


Marius Hoggenmüller

Creative coder, visual artist and prototyping expert. I love to build stuff from scratch and expose my work to urban contexts. Besides prototyping I am passionate about electronic music and the soccer team of Freiburg.

Amalienstraße 17
Room 101
80333 Munich / Germany



Markus Tessmann

Love to work in Human-Computer-Interaction. Developed Visual Design and User Study of the Ambient Display. Leading a young Start Up in the music journalism business.


Korbinian Steiger

Web developer and creative professional in the field of design, photography, motion pictures, music, writing and marketing. I developed the ambient display and a visual design for the use case indoor climate. I love to take complex things to pieces until I detect the essential simplicity that gets to the heart of the matter. I am passionate about vinyl records, analog cameras and rap music.