The design of interactive systems in conjunction with media façades lacks a formal design process and reference guidance in an increasingly complex design and opportunity space. In this project we have extended standard design process models with custom built toolkits on both low- and high-fidelities. We have allowed users to interact through the display with live video, and shared the steps in the process of envisioning pretesting, implementing and finally evaluating a novel Media Architecture installation by using user experience (UX) measurements.

Project Lead: Alexander Wiethoff, Sebastian Boring, Sven Gehring, Magdalena Bloeckner
Visual Design and Software Components: Dominikus Baur
Hardware Sponsoring: AEC FutureLab
02-11.09.2010 ARS Electronica Festival / Linz (Austria)
01.05-01.10.2014 BMBF Die digitale Gesellschaft – MS Wissenschaft, Germany and Austria
[PDF] Alexander Wiethoff, Sven Gehring
Designing Interaction with Media Facades: A Case Study
In Proceedings of the 9th International ACM Conference on Designing interactive Systems, DIS ’12. Newcastle, UK, June 11 – 15, 2012. Best Full-Paper Award.