An installation that empowers people to step into an intensive dialogue with colors. Physical seating postures such as active, relaxed or reflective positions are captured, translated and trigger a rapid change in the room’s color. A camera positioned atop the chair tracks the postures of the users and reacts with color sequences while reflecting the activity state. The installation consists of 45 x 58W fluorescent RGB lamps arranged in a half circle, with 15cm of space between them. A rear projection foil serves as a diffuser with sites at a distance of 65cm to the lamps in order to present a planar lighting experience.

Project Lead: Alexander Wiethoff
Architectural Design: Alexander Wiethoff
Hardware Sponsoring: Zumtobel Staff, feno
30.06.2004-now Museum of Perception / Rohrbach (Austria)
24-26.06.2010 10th International Symposium on Smart Graphics, Banff, (Canada)
[PDF] Alexander Wiethoff, Andreas Butz
ColourVision Controlling Light Patterns through Postures
In Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Smart Graphics, Banff, Canada, June 24-26, 2010. ISBN 978-3-642-13543-9